Ecu gateway Messages

Automotive Gateways

Automotive Gateways


  • Gateways in current/future architectures
  • Main GW functions (Routing, Diagnostic, …)
  • Main principles of GW’s functionality (SW aspects, protocol aspects, AUTOSAR aspects)
  • LIN/CAN/FlexRay 2 Ethernet transport mechanisms (1722a)
    GW performance aspects
  • Ethernet GW/Switch in future EE architectures

Characteristics of different GW types

No. of interfaces No. of GWs per vehicle Diagnostic interface Comments
Central GW any no. of LIN/CAN/FR <= 1 possible Increasing no. of itfs.
Local GW 1 x domain bus itf.
n x subdomain bus itfs.
>= 0 not possible
Domain GW 1 x domain bus itf.
1-2 x backbone itf.
>= 0 possible
GW with integrated Switch any no. of LIN/CAN/FR/Eth >= 0 possible

Routing Features

  • Message Routing
  • Packet Routing
  • Signal Routing (eventually with signal processing)
  • Routing with High Priority
  • Different sorts of rate adaption between received and transmitted message, e.g.
  • Periodic & Immediate Transmit On Change (TOC)
  • Y Routing
  • Diagnostic Routing


Other Gateway Functions

  • Nominal-actual configuration comparison
  • Diagnostic tester: CAN BUS and Ethernet interface provided (in BMW F series for example)
  • Flash function
  • Message mirroring on diagnostic bus
  • Network management
  • OEM specific features

Gateway Protocol Stack Overview


Notes: IL = Interaction Layer according OSEK Comms 3.03 and AUTOSAR; adopts messages/signals to PDUs

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